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Innovation For Growth And Sustainability

Innovation For Growth and Sustainability

Innovation For Growth And Sustainability

Innovation For Growth And Sustainability

Business Innovation Toolkit

Peter Newman, of Applied Innovation Centre (AIC), speaks in depth about the Business Innovation Toolkit (BIT). He explains that businesses take a step by step structured approach to completing modules and are guided in using innovation as a tool for growth and sustainability. The BIT is a 10-step process that focuses on many factors which are crucial to the ever-changing business world.

The BIT offers a great deal of concise information for organisations to incorporate more efficiently. AIC assists and guides businesses in their journey through innovation, change and development. The BIT provides the tools and support for your organisation’s journey to innovation development.

Peter will often ask his corporate clients “Do you want a more innovative organisation but don’t know where to start?” He will go on to explain that the BIT is designed to guide organisations through the journey towards a sustainable innovation culture and process at all levels of the organisation.

His experience has shown that most organisations have innovation in their strategic plan but do not know how to develop and implement a strategic innovation plan. Through extensive research the Applied Innovation Centre (AIC) has identified 45 elements which must be addressed to develop and implement a structured and sustainable innovation culture and process.



Peter and AIC would like to thank Podcasting Hub Australia for their assistance in creating this video series, as well as their Podcast series – Innovation Talks With Pete and Shaz.


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Peter Newman Managing Director BEc, Dip Public Admin, Cert IV Government Investigations, Cert III Investigation Services.

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