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Business Innovation and Creativity Indicator

Business Innovation

Business Innovation and Creativity Indicator

Business Innovation


Join Peter Newman and Sharon Sims as they discuss the importance of innovation in an organisation. Peter thoroughly explains the structured innovation processes and how to know if a company needs innovation, the steps to take and the 43 significant elements.

Applied Innovation Centre (AIC) has developed the Business Innovation & Creativity Indicator (BICI). The BICI is a benchmarking tool for organisations to assess their Innovation Quotient (IQ). AIC analyses where the organisation is at, what needs to be done and how to improve. They offer supreme consultancy which allows your organisation the opportunity to thrive.

The BICI is an innovation diagnostic tool. It is a 45 item questionnaire which asks participants to identify their perception of the existence and maturity of key aspects of innovation within their organisation.

The BICI can be purchased from the publications page on this website. The BICI system will automatically allow an organisation to electronically send questionnaires to people in the organisation whom they wish to complete the questionnaire.

The BICI system will monitor the progress of completion of the questionnaire and once all are received, will analyse and send a report to the organisation. Participants will have two months to complete the questionnaires.Provision has been made to differentiate Executive and Non-Executive responses as well as giving an overall rating for all participants.

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Peter Newman Managing Director BEc, Dip Public Admin, Cert IV Government Investigations, Cert III Investigation Services.

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