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The FourSight thinking styles


Innovation calls for breakthrough thinking – a blend of insight, imagination, analysis and action.

Individuals display four distinct preferences when engaging in the innovative process: clarifying, ideating, developing and implementing.

The more individual differences are understood within the team and organisation, the more synergy can be achieved to produce innovations.

A unique instrument used by the Centre, as part of our coaching methodology is FOURSIGHT – the breakthrough thinking profile – a field-tested, well-researched and validated instrument that offers individuals, teams and organisations a simple, striking profiling system of exactly where they excel and break down in the four distinct stages of the innovation process.

An on-line questionnaire helps people understand their own and others’ thinking styles. It provides insights that help teams to become far more effective at solving problems than before.

FOURSIGHT™ can be used to:

  • Build more innovative teams and organisations
  • Enhance individual and group problem-solving
  • Improve group decision-making
  • Reduce stress and conflict in working relationships
  • Assess specific needs to provide one-to-one and team coaching
  • Attain better team output and breakthrough result