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Why Innovate and Why AIC?

Why Innovate?

Peter Newman from Applied Innovation Centre (AIC) converses with Sharon Sims from Equipoise Digital as to why innovation is required.

Peter passionately explains that innovation is rather unique and allows organisations an advantage with regards to outlasting their competitors. The process of innovation opens up awareness of different perspectives on how a business can operate, survive and thrive.

AIC have identified 43 different elements that are crucial to business, revealing what a business needs to address. With a specific manner of operation, the innovation strategy supports disruptive change. Peter makes reference to a KPI that has been developed to monitor and support the innovation, because innovation is key to business survival and adaptability.

Why Applied Innovation Centre?

Peter Newman from Applied Innovation Centre (AIC) explains to Sharon Sims from Equipoise Digital the valuable services AIC has on offer for organisations who are aware that they require change and are positioned to drive this change.

AIC offers a comprehensive & structured innovation program that is based on 40 + years of experience, theoretical and practical knowledge.

AIC’s team can support your business to transition through the implementation of strategies in an effective and smooth manner.

AIC has developed the Business Innovation & Creativity Index (BICI) and the Business Innovation Toolkit (BIT) to help assess where businesses are at currently and where they may be lacking with regards to change and growth. Stay tuned to gain more of an understanding of AIC and how they can assist you.