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Having empowered self-managed work teams provide many benefits for any business or organisation, but it requires having responsible and accountable employees who can complete operations without excessive supervision or reviews. The Applied Innovation Centre offers a world-class approach to develop the skillset required by employees in any business to start completing operations as self-managed work teams. We design and implement innovative programs with creative techniques resulting in a holistic approach that is enjoyable and effective for workers to develop the right attitudes that increase efficiency and process optimisation.

Among the benefits of having self-managed work team in your organisation, there are 3 essential points to be mentioned:

  1. These teams understand change, the importance of innovation and how they can take advantages of the opportunities it represents.
  2. Self-managed work teams know the importance of communication and how to maintain the synergy so they can deliver world-class service quality and better results.
  3. All the members should be able to identify deficiencies in their work processes, implement improved processes and report to their managers in a timely manner.

In short, with the existence of self-managed work teams in your organisation, the number of things you have to worry about in daily basis will be considerably reduced, allowing you to focus on other essential and more strategic matters such as innovation and increasing the value of your proposal in the market.

The Applied Innovation Centre is the most desirable choice if you want a unique program catered to your organisations’ needs, developed according to the innovation programs created through delivered by a proved and well-established framework. Our main goal is ensuring the whole process to turning your working groups into empowered self-managed work teams is enjoyable and effective. Our programs offer value and helps employees understand the organisation better!


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