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Highly interactive, practical training programs.
For people at every level of your organisation.

Our training professionals create inspiring learning experiences. You will be engaged, involved, excited and informed. You will leave our programs having developed new attitudes and practiced new skills. You will also leave with a wealth of information and ideas in your training workbook and online documents.


How to find a training program

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How to book or enquire

In any program you can download the program outline, book into a scheduled public program or
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Customised training programs

We can tailor any of the standard training programs to suit your organisation’s specific requirements. We can also create, specifically for you, completely new programs.

The Performance Development Discussions

A leader’s effectiveness is determined, more than anything, by the way performance is managed and relationships are developed and maintained. This one-day program provides a comprehensive explora...


Coping with Change

Everyone is acutely aware that the structure, processes and relationships in their work environments are changing at an ever-faster rate. Change is exponential, relentless and ongoing. It is our main ...

Disruptive Change

Innovation Leadership

It is no secret that the most astute corporate leaders have identified creativity and innovation as the factors most likely to generate future organisational success. They have seen that creativity an...


Leading Through Change

Leading through change is an interactive full-day program that provides leaders with the understanding of how most people respond to change, and what they can do to help people work more easily and po...


Coping with Change (Managing Yourself)

Complete that overdue report, talk with your staff, have a meeting with your manager, order stationery for next week’s presentation, check with finance on purchasing arrangements, complete annual st...


Managing Conflict

Managing and making the most of conflict in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility – particularly the leaders. Unresolved conflict demands our energy. We all know how exhausting, unproductive ...


Effective Communication

Most people think they are effective communicators and tend to believe communication problems stem from the deficiencies of others, not their own. Many believe that heightened communication skills are...


One Hour Consultation

Leading through change is an interactive full-day program that provides leaders with the understanding of how most people respond to change, and what they can do to help people work more easily and po...


Writing for Government

This intensive one-day program develops vital written communication competencies to engage your audience and motivate them to act....


Effective Customer Service

Excellent customer service is the hallmark of all successful organisations. Do you know who your customers are? Do you know what excites them? Do you know how to find out what they really want? Do you...


Negotiation Skills

This two-day program develops vital competencies in a wide range of negotiating skills. Increasingly, corporate success is determined by the skills of the negotiating parties. This hands-on prog...


Leading People Effectively

Leading people effectively (LPE) is a highly interactive 5-day program designed to develop the specific leadership capabilities of all attendees, where they will be able to: Confidently e...


Facilitation Skills

Group planning, decision-making and problem solving are now integral aspects of organisational life. Consequently, competent internal facilitators of group processes are in demand as process controlle...


Leading and Managing Teams

Leadership is a hard to define quality that requires attitudinal competence and strong people and organisational skills. Effective leaders know how productive teams operate and are able to help teams ...


Creating a Positive Workplace Culture

Positive workplaces generally produce high performance and exceptional results. This engaging one-day program identifies the key motivators for people at work and introduces participants to proven ...