Business Innovation Toolkit (BIT)

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Do you want a more innovative organisation but don’t know where to start?

This toolkit is designed to guide organisations through the journey towards a sustainable innovation culture and process at all levels of the organisation.
Most organisations have innovation in their strategic plan but do not know how to develop and implement a strategic innovation plan
Through extensive research the Applied Innovation Centre has identified 45 elements which must be addressed to develop and implement a structured and sustainable innovation culture and process.

The Toolkit focuses on:
the 4 Ps

• Pressure (external Environment)
• People
• Process and,
• Product, and
The Applied Innovation’s unique 10 step methodology
The Applied Innovation’s Business Innovation and Creativity Index (BICI) – a tool to benchmark your organisations journey towards an innovative organisation
Our unique Business Creativity and Innovation Framework (BCIF)

Requirements to join our program
• Organisations must have leadership which is open to change
• Have a desire to implement a structured and sustainable approach to innovation
• Recognise that it will require a cultural change in their organisation
• Understand that it is an intensive change process
• Must have mature internal capacity to assist in the implementation of the process

$999.00 AUD
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