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What We Found in Our Research of Innovation


The Applied Innovation Centre conducted research into innovation within public and private companies in Western Australia.

Key findings were:

How has innovation been interpreted?

Innovation in the workplace has been interpreted in a variety of ways. The term has become trendy and so widely used that it is at risk of losing its true meaning. Hence, more knowledge and clarity on the subject of innovation is needed to successfully implement innovation strategies in organisations. This study aims to increase understanding of how innovation is perceived and applied in organisations.

Most respondents identified innovation as something new or different – a new technique or strategy used to improve efficiency and/or problem-solving.

A smaller number of managers defined innovation in terms of improvement, while others saw it more as change and strategic planning.

Just how innovative are you?

Of the respondents who assessed their organisation as deinitely innovative, only three reported having a formal innovation strategy and an allocated budget in place.

The main factors identified as supporting innovation were:

  • Leadership and support from top management;
  • Culture and identity;
  • Rewards and recognition;
  • Competition, deregulation, need and diversity.
What are the barriers to innovatoin?

Organisational culture, resistance to change, corporate structure, workloads, difficulty in accessing capital to invest in R&D activities and lack of skills were identified as the main barriers to innovation.

Other findings included that there is a general lack of awareness related to:

  • Innovation metrics;
  • Ideas management systems;
  • Creativity or innovation-educational programs offered to employees.

If you’d like to read the full report, please find it here.

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Peter Newman Managing Director BEc, Dip Public Admin, Cert IV Government Investigations, Cert III Investigation Services.

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