Innovation 4Ps

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Innovation 4Ps

Our over-arching methodology that helps organisations and teams become more innovative. We use it to assess how ready and capable your organisation is for an innovation culture.

Innovation 4Ps is a methodology to assist organisations and teams to become more innovative. 

A flexible approach to strategic change, which addresses macro and micro-level issues involved in initiating, implementing and sustaining a culture of innovation.

An integrated management education and implementation system, combining 50 years of research and experience in the areas of problem-solving, decision-making, creativity and innovation.

Product  What makes a product, service, process or procedure innovative?

Process  What are the processes that lead to innovative products and services?

People:   What are the key attributes (eg: skills and thinking styles) for both individuals and teams required to make innovation happen, and how do they fit within the inovation process itself?

Press:     The pressure. What is the context (eg: climate, culture and environment) that facilitates and nurtures innovation?

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