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Do you want a more innovative organisation but don't know where to start? Use our compact, practical guide.  

Innovation Consulting

Put new ideas to work and watch performance improve

Applied Innovation assists organisations to adopt a holistic strategic approach to the implementation of a consistent innovation culture and process at all levels of the organisation.

We will help you fully understand your current situation and the most effective way to create a culture of innovation. Our consulting services use proven tools and systems, which we introduce in a carefully managed sequence.

Create an environment that gives wings to ideas.

The best source of new ideas is your own people. They already know the solutions to problems. They know how to improve efficiency and productivity. In fact, they often think of the answers before you think of the questions.

Our structured approach shows you how to release those valuable, powerful ideas and let them flow.

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In addition to consulting, we offer Innovation Leadership and Creativity training for teams and individuals.

Innovation Leadership

Because real, enduring change starts at the top.

A successful permanent innovation culture needs the backing of leaders and a vision everyone understands.

This two-day program assists leaders to:

  • Develop a cohesive approach to creativity and innovation at strategic and operational levels
  • Incorporate innovation into their leadership and management styles
  • Create a culture of innovation within the leadership group and across the organisation
  • Develop the personal leadership behaviours that inspire others to adopt and sustain workplace innovation

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Creativity Training

Get everyone involved in the transformation.

In an active, engaging and high-energy workshop, we introduce staff members to the practical side of innovation. They'll learn how to use their creativity to generate new ideas and easily find solutions to workplace problems.

Your team will

Explore creativity and innovation:

  • Rediscover their creativity
  • Discover how creativity and innovation work together
  • Practice using a range of creative thinking techniques

Use thinking styles for innovation and problem-solving:

  • Apply the FourSight Thinking Profile
  • Use creative thinking at work
  • Learn how to build teams that solve problems effectively
  • Develop the understanding, skills and confidence to create a more creative and innovative workplace

The Outcomes

Participants will solve a number of workplace problems. And most importantly, there will be an improvement in productivity.

Workshop Options

  • A two-hour booster for your team
  • Half-day and full-day workshops for workplaces
  • Keynote presentations and breakout workshops

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Applied Innovation have built a set of tools that will be useful to the growth of your organisation and its culture of innovation. You can find these resources here.