Team Problem Solving

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Team problem solving

Remove roadblocks and improve performance

It's human nature for conflict to occur in teams and other work groups such as committees, boards and councils. If it's happening in a team or group for which you are responsible, then you are also responsible for doing something about it.

When you engage one of our skilled mediators, you'll benefit from their experience in helping teams resolve problems in areas such as leadership, communication, behaviour and relationships.

What the team problem solving approach typically involves

  • Discussions with key people including managers and team members to gain a thorough knowledge of the nature of the problem
  • Familiarisation with the values and vision of the organisation and team
  • Facilitation of group sessions that aim to unite team members around common attitudes, communication and behaviour
  • Assisting members to appreciate each other and enhance individual relationships
  • Creating team agreements for high level collaboration
  • Assisting the team to experience effective communication and elite performance

Groups can be any size and we also conduct mediations between individuals.