Innovation Leadership Training

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Innovation leadership training

Because real, enduring change starts at the top.

A successful and permanent innovation culture needs the backing of leaders and a vision everyone understands.

Innovation Leadership Program

This two-day program assists leaders to

  • develop a cohesive approach to creativity and innovation at strategic and operational levels

  • incorporate innovation into their leadership and management styles

  • create a culture of innovation within the leadership group and across the organisation

  • develop the personal leadership behaviours that inspire others to adopt and sustain workplace innovation  

During the program, your leaders also review the results of the BICI and the AIC Climate Survey and discover how to access the creativity of their people and embed innovation across the organisation.

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Individual coaching

The helps leaders develop innovation leadership skills. There are usually two compulsory sessions included as part of the Innovation leadership program. Additional sessions can be arranged as most people need more time to focus on making changes.