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Do you want a more innovative organisation but don't know where to start? Use our compact, practical guide.  

Innovation consulting

Create an environment that gives wings to ideas.

We will help you fully understand your current situation and the most effective way to create a culture of innovation. Our consulting services use proven tools and systems, which we introduce in a carefully managed sequence.

The Business Innovation and Creativity Indicators (BICI) diagnostic tool

The BICI asesses the maturity of innovation within your organisation. This 45-item questionnaire for senior leaders and managers will pinpoint those aspects of your organisation needing focus to increase your innovation maturity.

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The AIC Innovation Climate Survey

This assesses the climate for creativity and innovation at all levels of your organisation. Everyone in your organisation takes part. This 20 item questionnaire will show you how you can create an innovation culture. 

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The FourSight thinking styles profile

An on-line questionnaire that helps people understand their own and others’ thinking styles. It provides insights that help teams to become far more effective at solving problems than before.

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Innovation 4Ps

Our over-arching methodology that helps organisations and teams become more innovative. We use it to assess how ready and capable your organisation is for an innovation culture.

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10-step strategy

This gives your organisation a structured approach for making innovation ‘real’.

Read more about the 10 Step Strategy.

Innovation Working Group

We show you how to create an Innovation Working Group to oversee your innovation strategies.

Ideas Management System (IMS)

This gives you a formal process for capturing, assessing, approving and implementing ideas. Our consulting support continues until you have successfully implemented the system.

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