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The most effective way for an individual to improve performance.

Just as sporting champions have coaches, so should leaders in organisations. Compared to other performance improvement methods, coaching provides the greatest return for effort. It's also one of the clearest signals that someone is committed to being their best.

Leadership coaching

Changing organisational priorities and strategies bring new leadership challenges. Experienced leaders gain a reflection of their performance from our focused and pragmatic senior leadership coaching model, while leaders new to the role benefit from a more holistic overview of their strengths and areas for development. We offer a range of support options, varying in duration and degree of involvement. We’re here for you, and you are there for your business.

Coaching programs

A coaching program aims to help the participant improve their performance. There are usually a minimum of 6 sessions. These are weekly at first, then fortnightly and monthly. The first session goes for two hours and subsequent sessions for one-and-a-half hours. After the first session, each participant completes a questionnaire about their personal behaviour, motivation and emotional intelligence.

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Training in coaching

We also provide training in coaching for leaders and managers in an organisation.

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